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A properly installed lightning protective system is very effective in preventing damage to a building.  Even with a DIRECT STRIKE the charge would be  neutralized to ground! 

The National Fire Protection Association states:  “There are few causes against which so reliable a defense is available as a lightning protection system, properly made and properly installed”

Today's homes require more than just lightning rods to help provide protection.  Modern electronics are very susceptible to electrostatic discharges and power surges.   A whole house lightning protection system consists of air terminals (lightning rods) AND surge arresters at your utility (electrical) service, telephone equipment, and outside antennas (including satellite dishes) to prevent surges from entering your home on power, telephone, and antenna lines. 

This home did not have lightning rods. It received a direct lightning strike. See the results. (click to enlarge)

We offer LIGHTNING PROTECTION and SURGE PROTECTION for your home and business.  From our hometown of Greeneville Tennessee, we travel throughout Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Georgia.  If you are in Southwest Virginia, East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, or Eastern Kentucky you might have seen our van at your neighbor's home or just driving along one of the highways to or from a job.  We also repair or update existing lightning protection systems. 

All Materials Used Are UL Listed - We Are Licensed And Insured


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Weather Vanes      Surge Protectors   What is Lightning?

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